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About Us

Discover Timeless Elegance: Vintage Sofa Warehouse's Heritage & Craft.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we will begin. Of course if you’re not sitting comfortably then you’ve also come to the right place, because when it comes to sofas (and lots of other things too!) we are the go-to company .As one of the UK's largest suppliers of vintage and upcycled sofas, we've continually expanded our offerings to include both new and vintage furniture, meeting the needs of our diverse and growing customer base across the country. When you buy a sofa or piece of furniture from us you get so much more – not only a piece with style and character, but you get lots of advice and help (if you want it of course) how to give it maximum impact in your room. We can supply sofas to everyone’s taste and in an endless range of colours – and we do a mean line in fabulous accessories which will create the wow factor in any home. >While you can order from us online, if you happen to be in the North East then pop into see our amazing home in a former Edwardian Department Store which was formally owned and built in 1913 by the Co-op in small rural village of Sherburn Hill in the beautiful County of Durham. Or just keep popping back here to stay informed of the new and exciting things we’ve got planned including expanding the shop?

Who we are?

Like some of the best businesses, the Vintage Sofa Warehouse happened by sheer chance. Husband and wife team Nikki and Andrew were both in different careers when Andrew decided to leave working as a freight professional to pursue his passion for upcycling and vintage.  It wasn’t long before his skills with painted furniture attracted the interest of pub chains which asked him to start supplying them with vintage items. That business grew into sourcing furniture and accessories and Andrew also developed his skills he also trained to become a leather dyeing expert. That talent again led to a whole host of other business opportunities, with Andrew winning a string of commissions to give new leather sofas a “lived in” look, changing their colour or just bringing tired leather back to life. Nikki who had a very successful career in Human Resources management over 20 years was also developing her own take on the business after taking redundancy. With a huge passion for interior design and all things vintage, she began to realise there was a whole market for the products the couple had easy access to – and so the Vintage Sofa Warehouse was born.


What we do?

For the past eight years we have been selling fabulous sofas in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials around the country. Not only does a vintage sofa give a home character, it is also a huge help to the environment by extending the lifespan of something that could otherwise be destroyed. We also offer a range of bespoke new vintage designed sofas, which can be created for anyone who really wants to make a statement! At our stunning showroom at Sherburn Hill you can get a real taste of how the sofas will look at your home. We’ve created a number of room settings – complete with some fantastic décor – so you can get a real feel of how one of our sofas will fit. And of course all of our fabulous accessories are for sale too!


Where we are?

It’s not surprising that as a company which loves vintage we’ve picked a showroom that exudes history and nostalgia from every wall. Our new shop is a former Sherburn Hill Co-Op Department store, which dates back to 1913 and was the centre of local life.  The shop on the first floor boasts an original Edwardian Arcade with beautiful Art deco Terrazzo flooring, huge sky dome and six individual glass fronted shops alongside a former Co-op bank which houses the original bank safe standing 5ft tall.  The ground floor has a grand entrance tall with high ceilings, paneling and stained glass and the ground floor has been converted into a number of quirky designed showrooms formally the old grocery department, butchery and hardware departments.  We’re proud to say we’ve been busy restored the building back to its former glory and on our upper level you can get a real sense of the past.