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22 Mar 5 Unexpected Ways You're Shortening Your Vintage Furniture's Lifespan
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Vintage furniture isn't just a stylistic choice; it's a statement of sustainability, a nod to superior craftsmanship, and a commitment to preserving history in our living spaces. These pieces carry the legacy of bygone eras, offering a unique blend o..
28 Feb Supporting British
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We are proud to support British companies.Choosing to source our products from a number of small independent manufacturing businesses from around the UK.All Leather and Harris Tweed products hail from Cumbria, Midlands and the South East. While the s..
28 Feb Sustainable Living has never been cooler?
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We are now more than ever aware of the effects caused by climate change on the  environment which is large part of Social Media on a daily basis.   How can we take additional steps to help reduce our own environmental impact?  We can look at offsetti..
07 Dec Retailing traditional alive for over 100 years!
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The old curio building which was once called "the Store" is a 16,000 square ft Edwardian Department store originally  built by the cooperative Society in the small ex mining community of Sherburn Hill, County Durham.  The building is incredibly uniqu..
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