The old curio building which was once called "the Store" is a 16,000 square ft Edwardian Department store originally  built by the cooperative Society in the small ex mining community of Sherburn Hill, County Durham.  The building is incredibly unique in that it was once the regional hub supplying all of the surrounding cooperative stores in the local area's from Pittington, Haswell, and Horden to name a few, the department store had its own bank- the large 5ft safe can still be seen today in exactly the same place it has been for over 100 years,  Many have joked it most certainly was the "metrocentre" of its day..  The first floor is now home to our Vintage, Antique and Preloved items but which was once an original Edwardian shopping arcade complete with several glass fronted individual shops which once sold Haberdashery, Drapery and Clothing along side a managers office and boardroom all complimented by the terrazzo marble flooring lit by a beautiful sky dome which almost transports you to the bygone era!  The ground floor is now home to our our newly designed ranges of furniture and accessories but which once housed a grocers, hardware department, butchers and cart store! 

We have also been told our basement was once used a mortuary? BRRRR chills and ........... For the believers out there we can confirm we do have a resident ghost managing to snap a very clear picture to go along with the very strange orb activity caught on CCTV recordings.